RTrack Now Estimates Roblox ($RBLX) Active Users at 250-260 Million

20:30 UST, 28th October 2022 // RTrack Data Ltd

RTrack now estimates that 250 million people log in to the viral metaverse gaming platform Roblox every single month. This is our latest estimation based on our one of a kind proprietary estimation system, with our estimations now the standard for tracking the metaverse behemoth.

It’s been over 6 months since we last released RTrack Enterprise estimation data publicly, and almost a year since we’ve released a MAU figure. In November of 2021 we estimated this figure at 226 Million, 25 Million less than today. Below shown is the chart we included in that article, with this latest figure included at the end.

This, along with hour-by-hour updated DAU data is exclusively available to our RTrack Enterprise membership subscribers, our web data panel that displays all of our Roblox Platform Data estimates. You can view this data and hour-by-hour updates on all of these stats, throughout the year at any time, and our subscribers have had this access since our last data release.


Disclaimer: These figures are estimates, calculated using RTrack’s own proprietary system. It has not been confirmed or verified by Roblox, and is not an official figure. This should only be used as an indication of the general trend, not as an exact figure, and there is always a risk that this estimate is entirely inaccurate. The only definite values of Roblox counts are released by Roblox, on the Roblox blog.

Live data on an hour-by-hour basis is available in the Enterprise plan. Find out more.

See more on the new RTrack site: v3.rtrack.live

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