Here are our Roblox Q1 2022 Estimations from RTrack Enterprise Data

The market has now closed, and Roblox ($RBLX) is expected to release it’s Q1 earnings results in just a few hours. So what’s RTrack’s data saying? As the leading third party data & analytics provider for the Roblox platform, we continuously estimate a number of KPIs and make these available under the RTrack Enterprise Plan.

As a disclaimer, it’s important to note that as a company unaffiliated with Roblox Corp, our estimates are derived entirely from public data, and we do not represent them as official figures or make any guarantee to their accuracy. We operate our own independent algorithm, and the results we post reflect the results of the algorithm. On occasion our estimates are inaccurate.

What does our data show?

Firstly, RTrack does not currently estimate any revenue or bookings data. We only estimate player numbers. This includes total Roblox platform monthly active users (MAU) and total Roblox platform daily active users (DAU). In this article we will only be releasing our DAU estimates, as this is what Roblox releases. The MAU estimates are available under the Enterprise Plan.

We’ve included our estimates for the final quarter of 2021 – where the official results have already been released by Roblox, and our estimates for the first three months of 2022.

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Disclaimer: These figures are estimates, calculated using RTrack’s own proprietary system. It has not been confirmed or verified by Roblox, and is not an official figure. This should only be used as an indication of the general trend, not as an exact figure, and there is always a risk that this estimate is inaccurate. The only definite values of Roblox counts are released by Roblox, on the Roblox blog.

Live data on an hour-by-hour basis is available in the Enterprise plan. Find out more.

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