$RBLX Just hit an all time low at $60.70, does the data back it up?

At RTrack, our mission is to track as much of the Roblox platform’s activity as possible, for the benefit of game developers, journalists, investors, or anyone who’s interested in the goings on behind the platform from a quantitative perspective. We’ve developed proprietary algorithms to take in raw data and generate insights and estimations that are not available from any other sources. You can find our MAU and DAU estimates for the whole platform, updated live on a web panel, in the RTrack Enterprise plan.

Because we track every game on the platform, we also aggregate data together. An example of this is our platform wide concurrent estimate, available as part of our standard Pro plan. The best insights here would come from MAU and DAU data, which we won’t be covering in this article, but you can find in the RTrack Enterprise plan.

Roblox average concurrent, weekly, past 5 months. Starting September 2021.

As can be seen from our platform concurrent graph, average concurrents throughout a week have in fact increased. In September 2021, average concurrents throughout the week sat at 3.8M. In the week preceding Jan 3rd, that had risen to 4.3M, until it’s peak on the week preceding Jan 10th of 4.7M. Since then it has begun to slowly drop, now in the region of 4.1M, but is still above it’s previous counts.

This price drop follows a wider market trend, but our data generally shows Roblox’s situation improving or staying the same, not dropping.


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