How is Roblox doing in Q4 of 2021? See our DAU and MAU estimates for Q4 so far.

According to our proprietary data on Roblox’s DAU and MAU, it’s unclear whether the platform has continued to grow, despite a three day long outage between Oct. 28 and Oct. 31, which according to our data resulted in an instant drop to near-zero Daily Active Users for three days straight, from our estimated high of 38 Million on the Wednesday, 27th before the outage.

In this article we are releasing data ordinarily exclusive to RTrack Enterprise plan members, including our DAU estimates for October and November, and our MAU estimates for October, as well as previous months data.

Daily active user count (DAU) changes

Roblox Investor Relations’ most recently published report, for Q3 of 2021, gave a figure of 47.3 Million average Daily Active users, and also detailed averages on a per-monthly basis for the months before this. It’s clear from that data that Roblox was quickly growing in DAU in the three months of Quarter 3 (July-September), but our more recent estimated data on DAU appears to indicate at a downwards trend for DAU, or at the very least not a comparable increase. You can see this data in the graph below (click on a dataset in the legend to hide or show it).

Monthly active user count (MAU) changes

Roblox no longer publishes MAU data, however RTrack’s estimates have come to replace these as trusted data. The majority of MAU figures cited by press articles use some or other RTrack figure, as the last release by Roblox Corp was in 2020, at 150 Million, while RTrack now estimates the figure to be closer to 220 Million.

Conversely to DAU, RTrack in fact estimates that MAU began to increase in October. What this means is that according to our estimates more players are active on the platform on a monthly basis, but that they are playing less often – resulting in a lower DAU. Roblox has praised their platform’s own ability to keep DAU counts growing even after lockdowns widely came to an end and kids had less time to spend. Could this be the start of kids spending more time elsewhere, and less on the platform?

Our interpretation of the data, and the momentum of the platform

Our Enterprise data for the first two months of Q4 seems to show a mixed story for the Roblox platform. While DAU is estimated to have dropped slightly, our MAU estimate for October has increased quite significantly in comparison to the earlier month, where it mostly stayed stable throughout Q3. The full picture wont be clear until the end of December, when the full data for Q4 will be visible. To see that data when it’s here, get the RTrack Enterprise plan and see our DAU and MAU data on demand on our web platform. We will not be releasing December’s data until after January 2022.


Disclaimer: These figures are estimates, calculated using RTrack’s own proprietary system. It has not been confirmed or verified by Roblox, and is not an official figure. This should only be used as an indication of the general trend, not as an exact figure, and there is always a risk that this estimate is inaccurate. The only definite values of Roblox counts are released by Roblox, on the Roblox blog.

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